Here are some Websites that we have found to be helpful sources of information. If you know of a particularly useful site, send us the link and we will happily add it to the list if it meets our security and technical criteria.
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The Canada Revenue Agency
The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is responsible for the administration of tax laws for the Government of Canada, and for most provinces and territories.

Finance Canada
The federal Department of Finance is responsible for the development of federal fiscal policy, including laws affecting federal taxes, financial institutions and markets, and federal-provincial transfer payments.

The Bank of Canada
The Bank of Canada site includes a variety of useful features, including information on interest and exchange rates, financial indicators, securities auctions and more. The convenient “Currency Converter” allows you to determine Canadian dollar equivalents for a broad range of foreign currencies.

City of Vancouver – Business
Whether you’re starting a business in Vancouver, are already a business owner or just want to find out more about conducting business in the city, this page provides links to the information you need to do it right.

Western Economic Diversification
Western Economic Diversification Canada works to strengthen western innovation, entrepreneurship and community economic development through grants and contributions programs.

Western Canada’s Business Service Network
With a network of over 100 points of service across the West, small and medium-sized businesses in most rural and urban centres can easily access a range of business services through Western Economic Diversification’s Business Service Network.

Guide to Government of Canada Services for People with Disabilities and their Families
This guide includes information on more than 60 Government of Canada programs and services for people with disabilities and their families.

Internet Resource

BBB of Greater Vancouver
This website offers BBB members and the general public tools and helpful information about conducting satisfactory marketplace transactions.

SOHO Canada
SOHO©, is a national lead generation and marketing company focused on providing valuable tools, resources, special events and event managment services to the business marketplace.


The Globe and Mail
The Globe and Mail is Canada’s National Newspaper, daily offering readers from coast to coast unparalleled national, international and business reporting, analysis and commentary.

Vancouver Sun – Business Section
The Vancouver Sun is the major daily newspaper in British Columbia. A daily newspaper since 1912, The Vancouver Sun publishes daily except Sundays and selected holidays.

Business in Vancouver Magazine
Business in Vancouver is an award-winning weekly newspaper serving Greater Vancouver since 1989. Targeted at business decision-makers, it provides local business news and information every Tuesday.

CBC – Money
Canada’s national public broadcaster: In-depth features, national, regional business and financial news.